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The equatorial and oceanic position of the archipelago determines a low annual temperature range. From June to October the average temperature is 26/28 ° while from November to April it is 28/30 °.  



The official language of Zanzibar is Swahili, the most widely spoken language in Africa. Most of the people employed in tourism sectors also speak English and in recent years also Italian.


Vaccination and health care

For those coming from Italy, both in Tanzania and in Zanzibar, no vaccination is required.



There are no particular recommendations with respect to clothing. In general we recommend casual and sportswear and, in some areas, the use of rubber shoes for swimming in the sea.


Line flights

At certain times of the year flights are available with departures from Malpensa, Verona and Fiumicino (winter period also from Bologna). Zanzibar can be reached directly from Italy with various ITC (charter) companies; the duration of the flight is approximately 8/9 hours, sometimes with technical stopovers.


Charter flights

Flights are available with departures from the major Italian airports and the duration of the flight varies depending on the airline. We recommend Oman Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar but there are many others and all very comfortable.


The tides

Throughout the island and as in most of East Africa there is the tidal phenomenon which occurs about every 6 hours with changes between low and high seas. This phenomenon, however, does not represent in any way a limit or a problem, on the contrary, the tides offer the possibility to arrive, walking, to the colorful coral reef and discover the many marine species. The tidal phenomenon is a spectacle that is repeated several times a day.


Time zone

As far as the time zone is concerned, two hours more are counted than in Italy when the solar time is in effect and one hour more when daylight saving time applies. 



To travel in Tanzania, Italian citizens must necessarily have a passport with at least six months of remaining validity and must have at least one free page.
The cost of the visa is 50 dollars or 50 euros per person and can be obtained upon arrival in Tanzania at the three airports of the country, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.


Currency and credit card

The local currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TSh). The most common foreign currency is the dollar (USD). The euro can also be accepted but remember that only banks apply normal exchange rates. For merchants, 1 euro is generally worth 1 dollar, so it’s better to pay with the latter. Credit cards (especially Visa and Master Card) are accepted at the resort and in restaurants (commissions vary between 5% and 10%).
There are no ATMs on the island, except at StoneTown, so we recommend that you always carry cash.


Exit taxes

In addition to the $ 50 visa, for all those who arrive in Zanzibar with a charter flight (Neos company, Blu Panorama) the exit fees of 40 or 50 dollars per person are provided (the price varies according to the airline) to be paid on the day of the return to Italy, at the check-in at the airport in Zanzibar.


Driving License and Car

In Zanzibar, driving is by car on the left. In order to drive it is mandatory to have an international driving license. The Italian driving license is not valid, but it is possible to request a temporary permit on the spot. We advise against renting cars but using resort transfers and taxis.

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